Spring is in full swing and it is time for us to have some fun! Let’s gather together and experience our lives in a new way, perhaps with a paint brush in hand!

We will be taking a creative journey into our consciousness to discover the unknown parts of ourselves and perhaps discover a new way to awaken through art! All online from the comfort of your home.


This class is for you if… You believe that creativity can wake us up to the unknown or unknowable. You do not need to be an experienced painter. This is not an art instruction class. It is a follow your heart and do what you want with some paints and a paintbrush kind of class.

You are in need of a little color in your life. (Aren’t we all?)

This class will consist of 2 hour long videos that will take you on a unique painting journey. The classes will be provided to you on a class portal page, and will be live streamed in our Facebook group. You can watch them at any time through August 2021.

You will need a canvas, acrylic paint, paint brushes and a spray bottle for this class.

What will we encounter on this Journey?

  • Paint the Rain  The parts you love and the parts you hate. We will be painting the rain in more ways than one.
  • Tune into the Earth Listen to your inner voice and the world around you. What messages are trying to get through? 
  • Find a Rainbow Couldn’t we all use a few more rainbows in our lives? Why not paint one?
  • Grow your Flowers Rain is necessary for bringing beauty to life. Let’s paint that beauty in!


The founder of Paint to Awaken, I am dedicated to the creative wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. I have been an artist for 20 years, but am only just now waking up to the true magic that it brings.

I have seen too many people crippled by judgment and outdated beliefs. In the process of digging myself out of my own trench, I discovered the magic that has been suppressed in this world for way too long.

I am calling those who want to get out from under their rocks and transform back into an awakened inspired being through art.