Mirrors Monsters & Magnificence

A Three Part Online Intuitive Painting Series by Cassondra Eastham

Art is something magical that can get us past our barriers and help us to heal and understand life more completely. I have been working on using the magic of art to unlock potential and to get back to that place of deep inner knowing.

It is my mission to heal through art and to wake us up to our own inner wisdom with the power of a paint brush.

This series of painting classes / healing sessions will be taken in three sessions for three weeks. Each class will build on the previous to help heal and awaken our inner creative muse.

There is no need to be an artist, or even have a creative bone in your body. This is a fun painting process that is good for anyone that believes in the power of creativity and imagination.

Your paintbrush will become your magic wand as we create a beautiful new world through art.

These classes are most effective for people who are one or more of the following:  

  •  Want to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose  
  • Want more joy, fulfillment, and love  
  • Are feeling “stuck” but don’t know why
  • Believe that creativity can heal our lives in unbelievable ways


In this painting journey, we will be looking at the monsters and blocks that we have in our lives. Whether it be other people, money obstacles, an old way of thinking or things that have been programmed into us from a young age, we will identify these and find ways to heal and get past our blocks.

This class will be about 45 minutes. Plan to bring paint, a canvas, a journal and anything that opens you up and motivates you to dive deep into your consciousness.

The class was recorded live and is now available to watch on our class portal page at your own convenience.


In this class, we will be taking a look at our three selves, the inner, the outer and the veil. The inner voice who criticizes, the outer self who puts a version of you out there and the true self who remains cloaked in the background.

We will listen to our critics and learn to open up our cloaks to let some of our inner beauty shine through. We will feel fear and identify our blocks that are stopping our true selves from coming through the mirror.

The class was recorded live and is now available to watch on our class portal page at your own convenience.


Love is the closest thing we have to true knowing and beauty in this world. In this class we will be painting our inner goddesses (or gods) that are filling our bodies and waiting to be unleashed on the world.

We will be creating our own utopia and envisioning a world where everyone can live in harmony and with love.

The class was recorded live and is now available to watch on our class portal page at your own convenience.

From Grey and Weary to Fresh and Bright

A monthly membership may be exactly what you need to take control of your life.

Imagine a world where all the greys are melted away to reveal the technicolor world that we desire. With a creative mind, anything is possible. This class will take you from tired and weary to a place where your inner goddess is bursting to be set free.

We are all important and have many gifts to give the world. My hope is that this will open you up to be able to hear and trust your inner creator.

The cost for all three classes is $150.00 The classes will be available live or recorded so you can watch at your own leisure. If you are needing assistance in these hard times, use the code “magic” for 30% off. Please contact me at easthamdesigns@gmail.com if you need further assistance.

Meet Cassondra.

The founder of Paint to Awaken, Cassondra is dedicated to the creative wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. Cassondra had been an artist for 20 years, but is only just now waking up to the true magic that it brings.

I have seen too many people crippled by judgment and outdated beliefs. In the process of digging myself out of my own trench, I discovered the magic that has been suppressed in this world for way too long.

I am calling those who want to get out from under their rocks and transform back into an awakened inspired being.