Don’t stress about your next date night, we have it covered! Join us for a fun night in with your significant other/ best friend/ soulmate.

This hour long paint class is available to watch on demand so you can pause and paint at your own pace.

In this class you will strengthen your bond by enjoying time together creating. You will create a painting that will serve as a portal to each other and remind you of your love in hard times.

You will enjoy remembering your past adventures and strengthening your love by painting it on to the canvas.

Your canvas will take on both of your energies and will become a magic portal to your love.

You will need:

  • A canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • A spray bottle

Optional: Essential oils, candles, music, snacks and drinks (anything to make your night more memorable)

About Us

This class is brought to you by Cassondra and Arthur Eastham. We are two creative souls who enjoy the small things. We first painted together in 2007 in a dark candle lit room. This date just happened to be 5 years to the day that we would be married. Creativity has always been an important part of our relationship as it helped us to express ourselves in new and unseen ways.

Being creative is an important part to any life. Whether it be through cooking, dancing or gardening, creativity is a powerful force that can wake you up to your inner wisdom.

Arthur Eastham

Artist, Author, Adventurer

Arthur is a Pokemon Master who has a poet’s soul. Thoughtful and easy going, Arthur is a true innovator and an amazing soul.

Cassondra Eastham


The founder of Paint to Awaken, Cassondra is passionate about spreading the power of creativity to the world. There is so much to be discovered and uncovered with the power of creativity and your mind!