Loss is Hard

There are no words to describe how you feel when you loose someone. A deep void and a feeling of being lost. The word “pain” is simply too vague to describe your sadness, fear and emptiness.

While there is no outside source to take away the pain you feel from losing someone, there is wisdom deep within your own self that is waiting to be uncovered.

This painting class will provide you a way to get in touch with your deeper self through painting. It will occupy your conscious mind in a way that will open you to your deeper inner knowing.

When you feel that you are at a point where you can pick up a paintbrush, this class is here for you to create a work of art that will be your portal between you and your loved one.

There is no painting experience needed for this class. It is the process that is important. Use what you have. Suggested materials are a canvas, acrylic paints, paintbrushes and a spray bottle.

While this is a pre-recorded class, know that there are many others who feel this void, or sense of loss. We will be gathering in a magical “quantum” space. We are all one and are here for you and each other now and always.

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Artist & Instructor

Cassondra created this class in hopes that it helps to heal the world with art. All to often, things are broken and people are overlooked. Art and creativity are often seen as a hobby, when they can actually provide you a portal so you can get to know your own deeper self.