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The Creative’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Ready to Design your Year?

Creative Guide to get you listening to your inner wisdom.

One Video For 12 Months to keep you going throughout the year. Bonus sessions as things pop up.

A Memorable Painting Experience Understand yourself, set goals and come out of the year with an amazing painting that is all your own!

Painting by Cassondra Eastham

Plan your Year with the power of Creativity

Different thoughts arise when you think with the creative side of your mind.

Join us for a 12 month dive into planning goal setting and creating the life of your dreams using the right side of your brain. These classes will consist of painting, journaling, meditating and envisioning.

We will come up with a word for the year using Metacognitive drawing and brainstorm and bring our dreams to live using paint! Not only will this be fun, it will be inspiring!

What will you Receive?

One painting class/vision quest per month for 12 months.

View your first Class for free:

Grab a cup of tea and your journal to see first hand what this is all about.

I uploaded the introductory session here for you to view before you buy so you can experience this magic in progress before you commit.

Meet Cassondra.

The founder of Paint to Awaken, Cassondra believes that being creative is not only a right, it is essential in reaching our full potentials.

An artist for 20 years, now on a mission to inspire and teach how powerful art really is.