Moon Magic Year Long Painting


Have you ever wanted to create in harmony with the skies?

Welcome to Moon Magic! A year long painting experience, where we will plan and create in tune with the moon.

  • Intuitive Moon Guide to get you listening to your inner wisdom.
  • One Video For 12 Months to keep you going throughout the year. Each video will be added on that months full moon
  • A Journal Ritual for the New Moons Set your intentions with this guided journal!
  • A Memorable Painting Experience Understand yourself, rediscover your magic and go wild!!

Plan your Year with the power of Creativity

Different thoughts arise when you think with the creative side of your brain.

Join me for a 12 month online immersive experience set to the gravitational pull of the moon. The moon is a powerful guide for creating more magic in your life. Each moon represents a new cycle and a new way to grow.

We will paint in tune with the universe and rediscover our true selves in the process. This will empower your creativity and leave you ready to create even more!

What will you receive?

Guided New Moon Journal

A place to make and track your new moon intentions.

12 Full Moon Videos

Each video will be released on the full and will harness that moon’s power.

A Magical Painting Experience

Who doesn’t like to spend a little time with their muse?

View a Sample Class for free:

This is the first class from last year’s year long painting class “Creator’s Guide to the Galaxy” for you to view and enjoy. 

About Cassondra

The founder of Paint to Awaken, Cassondra is dedicated to the creative wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. Cassondra had been an artist for 20 years, but is only just now waking up to the true magic that it brings.

I have seen too many people crippled by judgment and outdated beliefs. In the process of digging myself out of my own trench, I discovered the magic that has been suppressed in this world for way too long.

I am calling those who want to get out from under their rocks and transform back into an awakened inspired being.